How does it work?

Follow along with our 10 step program!

Step 1

Go to our Contact page and fill out the form to get in touch with us, we will then send a response with a google form to fill out.

Step 2

Once the first form has been filled out, the second stage is to contact you about any additonal information we require

Step 3

First Payment! - This will be to start designing your new webiste for you.

Inital fee: £50

Step 3.5

Second Payment! - This will be for your domain name. Example:

Step 4

We'll send you back our first design's of the site, this is can be changed to fit your buisness style.

Step 5

Once we have recived payment and you've given us permission to go ahead, we will then start to create your new website.

This process will take about a week to complete, however if there are any additonal extras the timeline is extended.

Step 6

After creating the site, we will send you a screenshot to see how its coming along. If there are any changes you'd like to change this is the time!

Step 7

Third Payment!- This is for your website hosting to publish the new website online.

Various different website hosting is availible however we will find you the best value host.

Step 7.5

Fourth Payment! - This is your final payment to us for completing your site.

Final Fee: £100

Step 8

Once payment has been recived we will post your website online for the world to see.

Step 9

We will send you the files for your site, this is so you have a hard copy of your site.

Step 10

Enjoy your website and expand your business across the globe.
You can also recive a free year of website maintenance from us with a new site.

Additonal Information 

We aren't currently doing any shop sites.
Buisness E-mail Address with domain will cost £10 extra
Working Contact form will cost £5 Extra
After the first year of free maintenance, this will cost £10 for any additional content.